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Sarthak Kisan Patra :- Sarthak Credit Co-Operative Society Maryadit.
India is a country mainly in villages. According to Census of India, 70 percent of the population lives in villages. Indian farmers in India's gross industrial product, is a major contribution. India's socio-economic development and significant contributions to the advancement of Indian farmers.
In tribute to his contribution to Sarthak Credit Swayatt Co-operative Limited offer "United Farmers Ba?nd. The main objective of this Bond financial services by farmers in their lives by providing economic base, serious attempt to provide a good life.
Sarthak Kisan Patra
Please double the amount of the investment in just 5 year 11 months
Features of Sarthak Kisan Patra:-
1. Patra amount of the investment will be at least 5,000. More than this amount will be invested in a number multiples of Rs 1000.
2. The Patra amount of interest received on tax deduction at source "shall apply.
3. Kopi change of land are required to present photo papers.
4. This feature is not available for payments prior to maturity in Patra.
5. Loan Facility:
� Sarthak Kisan Patra maximum 75% of the amount will be taken after 1 year.
� The bond loan taken in lieu of the 20 percent interest per annum payable.
� If the loan taker ever married her monthly fixed installment, does not pay on time, then the next month's installment, with 5 percent penalty will be payable.
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